Data Recovery And Backup Plan

A data recovery strategy is an essential aspect of an organization’s success. Opting for effective Data Recovery Services is essential because a corporation loses more than just data (privacy, security & confidentiality) if it can’t recover the lost information.

Backup and recovery are the process of duplicating and storing data in a secure location in case of loss or damage and then restoring that data to a location — the original one or a safe alternative — so that it can be used for operations once again. This backup copy (often referred to as a snapshot) should ideally be immutable, meaning that it cannot be modified after it has been created to protect against mutations such as ransomware. Backup and recovery is also a category of onsite and cloud-based technology solutions that automate and support this process, allowing businesses to protect and retain their data for business and compliance purposes.

You can count on our professionals if you are looking for the best live backup solutions in Bay Area. we provide more than just off-site storage and backup at Bay Area IT. Our live backup solution enables quick recovery from any location. This includes adjustable snapshot intervals, live backups, reporting, real-time file access, and remote disk replication.